Finding Out Bette Midler’s Itinerary Is A Bust Plus
Finding Out Bette Midler’s Itinerary Was A Bust Plus Clips
By Mister D
Sept 26, 2022

Havoc in the Walgreens: Finding Out Bette Midler’s Itinerary Is A Bust

GMA: Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy (Hocus Pocus 2)

Mister D: Finding Out Bette Midler’s Itinerary Was A Bust – I had the Divine Pleasure of helping Ms. M with a small project which I’m not sure what it was for. No, not with her, but for her. I know none of it had to do with Hocus Pocus 2, as far as photos. Maybe it’s for an upcoming talk show . As usual, I, of course, asked questions from her right-hand “person” (Frankly, I don’t know what to call anybody today. I don’t even know what or who I am anymore, but I’ll survive.)

I wanted to know about Bette’s Itinerary, especially the talk show circuit, but Bette said she didn’t have an itinerary yet. Of course, there was ET Online, and she knew about Good Morning America, but that was it. Most has been non-stop press. I’ve looked at as many talk show lineups as possible, but all I could find was GMA for this week, so I’m thinking if there are talk shows to be done, it has to be next week.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

  • (Good Morning America airs Monday-Friday (7:00-9:00 am EST), on the ABC Television Network.)

ET: An Exclusive Video

Who’s The Most Ravishing Of Them All?

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2 thoughts on “Finding Out Bette Midler’s Itinerary Is A Bust Plus

  1. That is so cool. Do you have any other details about this project you can share? Thanks for keeping us updated on upcoming appearances!

    1. I don’t think it was for anything big. There were certain photos she wanted from about half of her concerts. The best part is always the interactions between the 3 of us but I rarely talk about. Ms. Midler is very careful on who she brings in to her circle, of which I’m a little on the outside, because I’ve never been in her face almost 24/7 and I have some fun stories I’m sure I’ll tell one day. But she is very loyal and she expects the same from you. I’ve never been told what the rules are, but I don’t have anything bad to say about her. I just have some stories that are interesting, some funny. I have stuff I’d like to talk about concerning fame and stardust bc some of that tends to trickle dow n and you can handle it or you can’t. I let what little I experienced break me. I just became very ill. I was also doing things and traveling a few times for Bruce Vilanch who I tell all my experiences. I swear I write him mini novels about my whole life and he wants me to write a book. I always just go with the flow without thinking things through and things will be great and then the next minute I’ll be wading in shit lol

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