Who Are The Most Popular Actresses Over 70? WTF? ??!!%%##

TV’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Star Lynda Carter Tops Most Popular Actresses Over 70 List | Charts
By Parrot Analytics
Mon, June 19, 2023

Most In-Demand Female Actresses Over 70 Years Old

In our previous article, we spotlighted male actors over 70 who continue to captivate young audiences. This time around, we’re shifting focus to their female counterparts who are 70 years and above.

Several actresses who have crossed the septuagenarian threshold have garnered exceptional demand within the first five months of 2023, a feat achieved by less than 0.04% of talent in the American market.

 Topping this list is the most popular TV Wonder Woman and Miss World USA 1972, Lynda Carter. The surge in popularity of the “Wonder Woman” franchise’s recent renditions has also played a crucial role in renewing interest in her.

Following Carter there’s Morgan Fairchild, renowned for her portrayal of poised, determined women in soap operas like “Dallas” (1978); Cassandra Peterson, best recognized as Elvira from sketch comedies and horror films; and Jane Fonda, who’s also known for her activism. These three actresses all boasted demand levels over 38 times the average during this period.10 most in-demand actresses over 70 years old (Parrot Analytics)

The roster of popular actresses over 70 in 2023 also includes Bette Midler, Glenn Close, the recently deceased Raquel Welch, and Pam Grier — hailed by Quentin Tarantino as the pioneering female action star of the 1970s and set to star in the upcoming Tubi original movie “Cinnamon” — and Mia Farrow.

  • Lynda Carter
  • Morgan Fairchild
  • Cassandra Peterson
  • Jane Fonda
  • Bette Midler – Bette was the only exceptional actress
  • Glenn Close
  • Raquel Welch
  • Pam Grier
  • Mia Farrow
  • Gotes McFadden

Which Female Actresses Over 70 Years Old Are Engaging With Younger Audiences

When it comes to merging demand and engagement with younger audiences, Jane Fonda and Cassandra Peterson emerge as standout talents. Both actresses not only command impressive demand but also captivate a substantial share of young viewers, around 30%. Their strong social media presence fuels their success with younger audiences, connecting them with fans who may not be familiar with their early career stages.

While they may not command the same popularity as those previously mentioned, several other actresses have successfully cultivated significant followings among younger viewers. These include Grier, Meryl Streep, the late Betty White, Jean Smart, and Liza Minnelli, who has seen a possible resurgence in youth interest after her role in “Arrested Development.” All these actresses have in common decades-spanning careers and iconic characters that have withstood the test of time over different generations.

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6 thoughts on “Who Are The Most Popular Actresses Over 70? WTF? ??!!%%##

  1. WTF indeed, my friend! LOL

    I have no idea what they are talking about, nor their criterias LOL

    But I do like do see Bette in ANY list hahaha. And I also liked to see Mia Farrow in the list, after years of getting no jobs bc of all that shitstorm with Woody Allen (if he got deals and she didn”t, maybe she was right about many things, eh?)


  2. WAIT…

    I’m terrible with statistics…blame it on ADHD and not my lazyness to learn math. LOL

    HOWEVER, I do have to ask…is Bette ahead of Meryl on that list? Seriously?

    I wish Bette had 10 roles a year. LOL Maybe these people are worse than me in math. LOL

    Well, capitalism is capitalism in all it’s glory, everywhere…I have a feeling Meryl is that kind of employee who doesn’t question much, smiles and does her job like she is supposed to, with all due respect to her talents. If she worked at McDonald’s she would probably be “employee of the month” every other month and have her picture up on the wall. Isn’t what the Oscars are, for people in Hollywood, anyways? LOL

    “Here are the top 5 employees of the year…and the best employee of the year is…” LOL

    Ok, I know…I sound mad…yes, this week I’m too “Rage Against the Machine”. But YOU DO get me, right? Love you.

    1. Meryl Streep wasn’t even in on the most sought after actresses over 70. Bette has at least 4 movies on her plate, Meryl may just be taking a break. Sharon Stone basically said in an interview what you just said. Sharon doesn’t mince words I’ve noticed

  3. BTW, Glen Close has been robbed at the Oscars more times then Bette…WTF? She’s brillant, but they just can’t seem to give a fucking award to her…

    At least they made THIS list hahah

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