A Basic Rundown Of Bette Midler’s Part In ‘Sitting In Bars With Cake’ (First View)

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A Basic Rundown Of Bette Midler’s Part In ‘Sitting In Bars With Cake’ (First View)
By Anon ARon
Sept 1, 2023

The movie is two hours long. I counted Bette in 8 scenes, with about 21 lines, which is only about 2-3 lines per scene. I definitely was hoping to see/hear more of Bette Midler, as she is the biggest and most identifiable name in the cast. Adding it all up, I’d say she was in about 10 minutes of the film, and most of the scenes were in the first half, with one or two scenes in the second half. Her first scene is about 5 minutes into the film. More than a cameo, but less than a supporting role, I’m a bit surprised it didn’t go more into either of those two directions.

The film is definitely a female-centric buddy film (a la ‘Beaches’), with Bette playing the boss of one of the central characters. Her role is a high-powered media-entertainment agent. Everybody did a great job with their roles, and the acting was wonderful across the board. I really can’t say more until the film is released, but it’s always a joy to watch Bette–and, yes, I loved her hair, and her skin looks flawless!

[The film is a joint venture between Amazon Studios and MGM]

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