J-Law vs Lind-Lo: Still Fighting?

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Lindsay Lohan Tweeted Against Jennifer Lawrence for Her Golden Globe Acceptance Speech
By Staff
August 31, 2023

I Beat Meryl

J-Law vs. Lind-Lo: Still Fighting?: In 2015, Jennifer Lawrence made an insensitive remark about Lindsay Lohan’s struggle with alcohol and substance abuse. Two years before, the Mean Girls star behaved “mean in real life” and tweeted against Lawrence’s Golden Globes Acceptance Speech in 2013. The 33-year-old claimed her words were taken out of context.

Apparently, the two have been on and off involved in verbal spats through social media or interviews, and this time, when Lawrence received the Golden Globes, her celebratory moment was ruined by Lohan on a public platform like X, formerly Twitter, according to The Things. Lawrence won Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

However, the memorable moment came to a screeching halt as a particular sentence from her acceptance speech was called out by the 37-year-old actress. Lawrence said, “I beat Meryl!” Her comparison with the legendary Meryl Streep didn’t go well with several fans online who found it off-putting and unnecessary, including Lohan.

The Just My Luck actress tweeted, “Words cannot describe how much I love Kristen Wiig. And no 1 should mess with a legend, such as Meryl Streep.” However, Lawrence explained her words were misconstrued, and the quote “wasn’t a dig aimed at Streep.” Rather, it was a quote from a film.

“It was a quote from First Wives Club,” she clarified on Late Night with David Letterman. She added, “Bette Midler was talking about a globe; I can’t believe nobody’s ever done it before. She said, ‘Look what it says: I Beat Meryl.'” Lawrence said she didn’t expect Lohan to make the statement public on a social media platform.

“It was so perfect, and I said it, and I had no idea Lindsay Lohan was going to take it to the Twitterverse — is that what it’s called? I am not on Twitter. But Twitter is very upset,” she continued. “Is that what that’s turned into- I don’t like Meryl Streep. As if I’ve had my eyes on getting that girl forever, and I was like, ‘Finally! I knew it would happen one day!'”

Lawrence concluded, “I wanted to make a public statement, like, ‘Hey idiots, it’s a quote from a movie, and it’s Meryl Streep.'” It was reported later that she subtly called Lohan an “idiot” for taking her statement out of context and turning it into a public mockery. The criticism took an ugly turn, and she had to defend herself several times.

Lawrence isn’t the only actor who has taken a dig at Streep. Other famous names like Emma Stone, Sandra Bullock, and the like have also joked about the Devil Wears Prada actress. Stone reacted to her Golden Globes nomination for Birdman by ripping apart almost all her Hollywood competitors, including the veteran, as per Vanity Fair.

She said, “I have no words. I am so incredibly honored and grateful for this and feel insanely lucky to have had the chance to work with Alejandro, Michael, Edward, and the whole cast and crew of the beautiful madness that is Birdman.” Then the Cruella actress quipped, “Now, can someone please explain who this ‘Meryl Streep’ woman is?!”

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