Tid-Bettes: Karaoke Bette Page Is Open, A Little Gossip, ‘Cake’ Reviews Coming

By Mister D
Sept 8, 2023

Bette and Aaron Russo

I’m opening the Bette Karaoke page tonight. I’ve already opened up the BootlegBetty Jukebox page where I play bootlegged Bette Midler music. The next page to open up will be the Same Songs, Other Voices music page. On that one, I find other artists who’ve sung the same songs as Miss M (from the sublime to the just plain awful) I love stuff like that and so do some others I suppose.

The big problem is me remembering to change out stuff every 2 weeks or so. This site is so overloaded with different pages, that it’s getting too hard for one person to do it all…moi! I’m just getting old and not very good at taking proper care of myself. I’m way behind on my Bruce Vilanch page and then I get racked with guilt, Mr. Vilanch is doing gangbusters with his career. He just doesn’t stop and he makes for a good role model for about any age,

I’m collecting movie reviews for Sitting In Bars With Cake which is thankfully garnering good reviews. Yes, Bette’s part is small, but I think she did this movie for maybe personal reasons, too. I hope you’ll enjoy it, but be ready to cry.

I asked a real high profile person about The Fabulous Four and the feeling is that it will get made. I’m not sure I should name the person so I’ll just play safe and say trust me. The FWC reunion movie was not even brought up, so I’m not feeling too keen about it getting made. Plus I read an interview with Goldie and she said they can’t come up with a good script. So frustrating.

I also asked why Sharon Stone kept saying she was making The Tale Of The Allergist’s Wife with Ms. Midler, who says she knows nothing about it. But I did find out that the script has been a hot property since its Broadway days 20 years ago and that Bette and Barbra Streisand were THE TWO who were going to make it until Barbra became obsessed with remaking Gypsy for the big screen, then Allergist’s Wife kind of got tossed aside. My informant said now Allergist’s Wife is dead in the water and so is Streisand’s Gypsy. So that is a big bummer.

And ya’ll are not going to want to hear what I think will happen with Hocus Pocus 3. Maybe it’s the negative energy surrounding me, but, for you guys and gals, my radar for anything has been way off. LOL

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