‘Sitting In Bars With Cake’ Reviews Table – It’s A Hit – The Heir Apparent To ‘Beaches’

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Movie Reviews Table and Blurbs
By Mister D
Sept 9, 2023

Sitting In Bars With Cake = Midler

Sitting In Bars With Cake Reviews Table
Chicago Tribune Michael Phillips 3/4READ
Paste MagazineAmy Amatangelo7/10READ
SF DatebookCarla Meyer3/4READ
GuardianAdrian Horton3/4READ
RogerEbert.comSheila O’Malley2.5/4READ

Bette Blurbs

“Bette Midler, always a pleasure, plays her imperious but warmhearted boss.”

“Midler’s presence in the movie is a reminder of 1988’s Beaches, where Midler’s C.C. is a famous singer whose life-long best friend Hillary (Barbara Hershey) dies from heart failure. Every time Midler is on the screen, doing her best The Devil Wears Prada impression, I kept wanting her to break into “Wind Beneath My Wings.” There should have been much more to the Corrine and Benita story.”

Bette Midler (nominally a prickly boss but spiritually the film’s godmother)”

“Bette Midler is a swashbuckling powerhouse”

“Corrine is an extrovert determined to climb up the cutthroat ladder of the music industry, presided over by Benita (Bette Midler) who covers ideas in “keto and contempt”, Jane is shy and retiring, studying to apply in prestigious law schools.”

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One thought on “‘Sitting In Bars With Cake’ Reviews Table – It’s A Hit – The Heir Apparent To ‘Beaches’

  1. I loved the “spiritually the movie’s godmother” piece…

    That’s the feeling I had too and she is wonderful…. And can we talk about the hair, the hats and the clothes? LOL

    Devil Wears Prada impression my ass! who wrote that crap? LOL she’s much better than that one LOL. PLUS, I always felt like MERYL Streep was impersonation Bette in Big Business. The beginning of the film is a total rip off from BB, come one…My memory is long, my memory is very, very long. Hahaha

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