“Revenge Against Salem” for the Sanderson Sisters In Hocus Pocus 3

‘Hocus Pocus 3’ Writer Teases “Revenge Against Salem”
Oct 26, 2023

Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimi are expected to return as the Sanderson sisters.


  •  Hocus Pocus 3 is currently in development for Disney+, following the success of the previous sequel on the streaming platform.
  •  Writer Jen D’Angelo recognizes the challenge of making a third installment and is excited about the potential to explore new avenues and make the movie stand on its own.
  •  Winifred Sanderson may take up another plot of revenge, as she is easily distracted and could become singularly focused on the wrong goal again in the next sequel.

Last year’s Hocus Pocus 2 saw the return of the Sanderson sisters, as they once again tried to wreak havoc on Salem when another turn with the Black Flame Candle brought them back to life. The success the movie saw upon its release on Disney+ compelled the studio to greenlight another sequel, with Hocus Pocus 3 currently in development for the streaming platform. As often happens with franchises, every subsequent sequel is harder to make. During a recent interview with Collider’s Perri Nemiroff for her upcoming comedy Quiz Lady, writer Jen D’Angelo spoke about the challenges of writing the upcoming third installment of the franchise, saying: “Yes, I have my theories about what we could see, and what things mean and where we could take these characters.” Of the daunting task of carrying on the franchise, D’Angelo said, “It’s interesting to be like, ‘Now we have even more possibility’ and it’ll be a challenge to sort of pick the avenue and really make the movie stand on its own.”

The screenwriter also addressed how Winifred Sanderson (Bette Midler) has changed after the second movie, teasing another plot of revenge for the wicked witch of Salem.

“With the Sanderson sisters, the thing that makes them so fun is that they really are like herding cats. So I’m like ‘Yes, Winifred learned a very valuable lesson, she loves her sisters more than anything in the world,’ but she will also just immediately get distracted by whatever’s put in front of her. So if you dangle the carrot of a potential revenge against Salem, which she has always wanted, she might have a backslide where she gets singularly focused on the wrong goal again. “

Hocus Pocus 2 saw the return of Midler to the role she first played in 1993 alongside fellow Sanderson sisters Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah and Kathy Najimi as Mary. In the sequel, two young girls are tricked into bringing the witches back to life by the person who runs the Olde Salem Magic Shoppe inside their old cottage. With the Sanderson sisters still fairly angry at the town of Salem for casting them out, they once again plan to use their magic to make the people of Salem regret ever getting in their way.

‘Hocus Pocus 3’ Prepares the Sanderson’s Next Spell

D’Angelo also spoke about the overwhelmingly positive response to the sequel when it hit the streamer last year saying:

“With Hocus Pocus 2, you had the challenge of revisiting these beloved characters and wanting to really make it worthwhile, this sequel. And I feel like we had so much fun making it, it turned out so well, I’m so thrilled and honored and humbled by the response that it got.”

With the SAG-AFTRA strike still ongoing, the third Hocus Pocus movie is currently on hold but it is expected to premiere on Disney+, skipping a theatrical release, like its direct predecessor.

You can stream both Hocus Pocus movies on Disney+ in the U.S.


Hocus Pocus

Release Date July 16, 1993

Director Kenny Ortega

Cast Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, Omri Katz, Thora Birch, Vinessa Shaw

Rating PG

Runtime 96

Main Genre Comedy

Genres Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Horror

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