BootLeg Betty

Record Shop (fake)

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Photo: Vladimir Putin

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Three Colors

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Happy Bunny Day BetteHeads!!!

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Whiskey And Photos

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Reproduction (Fake)

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Under the Heel (Fake)

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The Dress (Fake)

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The Eye

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New Photos Up…

New photos up in the photo gallery under The Divine Miss M Tour (1973): Click Here…

Photo: Bette On “The Chatty Man” Show (Thank You Nicola!)

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First Post Photo Shoot Pix Appear Of Spencer Brown’s Theatrical Musical Version Of “The Rose” And Bootleg Betty’s Got Them

Hey, Don! So yesterday was our photo shoot and I was super excited. After getting rid…


New Ray Cooper’s Tale Ticket On Sale Feb 20, 2009 New Poll New Duet Coming With…

BLB Updates: 07-30-08

Mister D: There’s a slew of new music in the BLB Jukebox. Hope you enjoy: Click…

Divine Success:
Mr. Costello’s Valley of the Moon Fine Art Publishers

Tie to Bette Midler’s new show provides a boost for startup fine-art publishing studio in Ojai…

Just Middling Around….

PhotoArt: Lucy Wilkins Mister D: It’s a slow day compared to the last three. Did ya’ll…

A Bootleg Tid-Bette: See Kids…They Are Taking Over The Blog Like POD PEOPLE!!!!

This just came in. Not really sure if I’m to say who told me so for…

Scrapbook 4 BetteHeads Fixed!

You can check out the new movie stills to “Then She Found Me” in the Scrapbook…

More News On “Then She Found Me”

Then She Found Me opens another film festival in Atlanta New Pic From The Movie A…

Well Crap: Missprint on Wire Image About Susan Midler

I have been informed by the angel over my shoulder, Wendy, that the WireImage Photo said…

More “Garden” Photos and Another Vid Added (Thank You Dawn)

Mister D: I had a BetteHead, Dawn, who sent in a couple of photos that are…

The Bette Scrapbook….

I think I have it where you can upload your own stuff to the gallery. I’m…

The New Scrapbook

Hey BetteHeads: (Photo: Unknown) Just wanted to remind you I’m working on the new photo scrapbook…

Foot Recall With A Photo Finish

* Surgery * New Photo Album - more to come * Music and Polls Soon *…