Bette’s Entrance To NYRP’s Spring Picnic 2010

For more photos to come: CLICK HERE

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14 thoughts on “Bette’s Entrance To NYRP’s Spring Picnic 2010

  1. OMG! Bette looks divine!!! i love what she is wearing! I WANT ANOTHER PICTURE WITH BETTE!!! Am i asking too much???
    Kisses to all the Betteheads!

  2. Bette looks fab! Thank god she’s not wearing leggings again.

    What on God’s green earth is on Nathan Lane’s lip?!

  3. She wore that top when she was on The View the last time in Vegas. I love it and the flats are adorable.

  4. Grace Marie: Nathan is currently playing Gomez in The Addams Family on Broadway so he’s stuck with that ‘stache until the show closes!

  5. i thought i had seen it before too!! i wonder wherer she got it from she looks AMAZING!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  6. I love that blouse ever since I saw her wearing it on The View at Ceasar’s Palace in Vegas. I was just thinking about where I could buy something similar a few days ago and now here she is wearing it:) Thanks for sharing these photos:). Love ’em:)

  7. omg i was like 25 feet to the right of where these pics were being taken (guests weren”t allowed in the press area. Mr. D ill have all the pics of the picnic up on my profile on fb later today. I met Bette ican die now :)and i touched her shirt when i got my pic taken with her 🙂

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