BetteBack: Bette Wins Golden Globe For “For The Boys”

Article from:The Washington Post Article date:January 20, 1992 Author: Lois Romano
Circling the Globes

There were hallelujahs and hand-wringing, braggersand pouters as some of the biggest fish in Hollywood found themselves angling for the spotlight at the Golden Globe Awards Saturday in Los Angeles.

“We used to laugh at the Golden Globes,” Dustin Hoffman conceded as the press piranha accosted him at the Beverly Hilton. Suddenly, he was history as Barbra Streisand commanded an explosion of flashes.

“I’m scared,” said Streisand, profoundly. Everyone wrote this down.

“Barbra,” Hoffman bellowed. The two embraced. “I love her work,” blurted the actor. Well, some of her work at least. He hadn’t seen “The Prince of Tides,” for which she was nominated (and lost) as best director.

“I don’t think of the competition,” said (loser) Geena Davis (“Thelma & Louise“), slinking into the hotel in a snug green and black wraparound, of the awards that have become another bellwether for the Oscars.

One surprise winner was Bette Midler for her role in the box office flop “For the Boys.” Anything but gracious in victory, Midler virtually accused moviegoers of having tastes “different from my taste. They want a thrill a minute. … They want to be overstimulated.”

By contrast, Warren Beatty, driving force of winner “Bugsy,” graciously gushed about his costar and the mother of his newborn, Annette Bening. “She’s the best actress I’ve ever worked with,” he fawned.

“Thank you,” Bening whispered, pecking Beatty on the lips.

Beatty then grabbed a chair to allow his lady love to sit as reporters pounced. The couple also revealed the name of their 12-day-old daughter: Kathlyn Bening Beatty – after his mom.

Meanwhile, director Oliver Stone, winner for “JFK,” with star Kevin Costner at his side, was still railing against the media for criticizing “JFK.” Stone’s 67-year-old mother, Jacqueline, on hand for the ceremony, said as a boy Stone had been “very authoritarian.”

with Joe Pichirallo in Los Angeles

Golden Globe Winners: Movies

Drama: “Bugsy”

Musical or Comedy: “Beauty and the Beast”

Actress, Drama: Jodie Foster, “The Silence of the Lambs

Actor, Drama: Nick Nolte, “The Prince of Tides”

Actress, Musical or Comedy: Bette Midler, “For the Boys”

Actor, Musical or Comedy: Robin Williams, “The Fisher King

Director: Oliver Stone, “JFK”

Foreign Fim: “Europa, Europa”

The TV Winners

Drama: “Northern Exposure”

Musical or Comedy Series: “Brooklyn Bridge”

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6 thoughts on “BetteBack: Bette Wins Golden Globe For “For The Boys”

    1. I assume she did…I watched the Globes that night and the short dress is what she was wearing when she won her award….

    1. I might have it in my stockpile of videos somewhere…don’t look for it anytime soon….:-)

  1. No, Mr. D. I’m quite sure the photo above is from a different year. The hair and make-up are completely different from the ones she was wearing when Bette got her very deserved “For The Boys” Golden Globe.

    1. I think you’re right now that I’ve had time to process it…she had a higher neckline or something I remember…I don’t know…you know my brain doesn’t function as well now….:-) Let’s see if we can find it…

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