Fiesta In Rio

Fiesta In Rio

(Bette Midler, Jerry Blatt, Moogy Klingman)

It was Fiesta
Tropical moonlight
We met on the dance floor
And he held me so tight

I thought, I thought I was dying
But I just had the clap
It was Fiesta
And I had the clap

What to do in Rio
When you can’t even pee-o
I had a bum time
Though it was fiesta

It was fiesta
And the sun was so hot
But I did not need a tan
I needed a shot
I tried to find someone
Who would help me God knows
But it was Fiesta
And the clinics were closed

I’d trade my mic in
For just one Tetracycline
I had a bum time
Though it was Fiesta

When he turned the light down low
He said oh my God I love you so
I was a forced to remove my head from his lap
You take care at Fiesta
You beware, beware at Fiesta
Oh there at Fiesta
He will give you the

[ clapping ]

“Catchy, huh?”

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