BootLeg Betty

Fiesta In Rio

Fiesta In Rio

(Bette Midler, Jerry Blatt, Moogy Klingman)

It was Fiesta
Tropical moonlight
We met on the dance floor
And he held me so tight

I thought, I thought I was dying
But I just had the clap
It was Fiesta
And I had the clap

What to do in Rio
When you can’t even pee-o
I had a bum time
Though it was fiesta

It was fiesta
And the sun was so hot
But I did not need a tan
I needed a shot
I tried to find someone
Who would help me God knows
But it was Fiesta
And the clinics were closed

I’d trade my mic in
For just one Tetracycline
I had a bum time
Though it was Fiesta

When he turned the light down low
He said oh my God I love you so
I was a forced to remove my head from his lap
You take care at Fiesta
You beware, beware at Fiesta
Oh there at Fiesta
He will give you the

[ clapping ]

“Catchy, huh?”

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