My Question Made the LA Times on Sept 10th, 2002

Mister D: I had forgotten I had written the very repected music critic for the LA Times a while back….but here it is…although I worded the question very badly:

Do you have any idea whatsoever the very talented and Divine Ms. Bette Midler will be doing next? I really miss her.
–Don Bradshaw, Nashville, TN.

Sorry, Don, I haven’t heard of any album or tour plans by Bette. I still remember her early shows-at the Troubadour club in West Hollywood and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion downtown. They were just knockouts. What a great talent. But she seems to have lost a lot of the urgency it takes to maintain an active recording or concert career. She always has the option of movies and TV–as well as simply taking it easy and enjoying life. Robert Hilburn

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