The Long Goodbye: Cher’s Final Tour..

“I’ve been a frickin’ evil diva for 40 frickin’ years,” Cher playfully told a whooping, hooting and dancing crowd as her latest Farewell Tour detonated in a kaleidoscope of high-tech light and sound at sold-out Arco Arena. “So, give me a frickin’ break.

“If you want to know the truth, this show is so great, so fabulous, it’s gonna say to these girls: ‘Follow this you b—-es.’ I mean that with humility and love, of course.”


Cher, the enduring 56-year-old mistress of many talents and much moxie who helped pioneer the ascension of powerful women in pop 37 years ago, was teasing (dissing?) the current crop of scantily clad, marginally talented divas (she mentioned Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez) who’ve followed where she — maybe Bette Midler and Madonna, too — has led.

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