Bette Sites To Check Out Today…Props To:


1. Darrell: Bette on the Boards

He has a new section up of old magazine interviews of Bette in the 70’s. Talk about some classic articles and interviews…they brought back such great memories for me. Those that have never read these are in for a treat. Those that have read them before…well, you get to relive it all again

2. Carl: Bettechive

Carl wrote me the other day about the Seinfeld script I posted. Seems like the reruns of the show are being edited. He sent me the edits and I hope that I will have those up by the weekend as a footnote to the script. Very interesting and what an observant eye Mr. C has….His site is great for a complete, concise history and timeline of Bette’s career. He’s renovating, but still worth a look.

3. Terri: Experience the Divine

Miss Terri has completely renovated her site and it looks fabulous. There are all kind so of stuff there…even games! They are addicting. Anyway, if you haven’t visited lately…awesome job…

4. Bruno: Bette Midler’s Roses

Of course I’ve talked about Bruno’s site lately with his new wallpapers and screensaver. For those who tried earlier, the screensaver should work now. Anyway, Bruno’s is the first Bette site originating from Brazil….so let’s see alot of support for him.

5. Sara: BootlegBetty Holland

And I would be remiss in not mentioning my favorite little nanny from Holland:-) Make sure to check out her site and give it some support. She has more there than just news!

I guess that’s it…I think it’s wonderful we have all these choices….

Love, Mister D

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