Props Time for other Bette Sites!!!!


People ask me, “Mister D, Mister D!, why do you promote other sites????” And then I say, “Because I’m stupid????”….But the answer is very simple…TO PROMOTE BETTE!!!

That’s where the common denominator is and what we should all be striving to do…it seems her fans are so dispersed and different…let’s give these multitudes some different places to visit….this week:

Terri at Experience the Divine has come up with an awesome new section that will be devoted to Bette’s upcoming tour…with news, itenerary, and reviews….the section is awesome…you have to check it out!

Bruno at Bette Midler’s Roses has put his own spin on a couple of Bette’s tunes….making his own dance mixes. I’ve gotten so far as downloading them, but haven’t heard them yet, but I’m sure it will be divine…can’t wait to listen this weekend….

And surely you didn’t think I’d forget my mini-me, Darrell, at Bette on the Boards! He’s always got something going on and I still haven’t finished with what he put up in the beginning stages of his site…OY!!! More old magazine interviews have been added and they are a special treat for old and new fans alike….

These are just 3 that I’ve seen changes in this week, but I have other sites listed on my site that you should always check out on a regular basis…

Thanks for listening….

Love, Mister D

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