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Bette Midler Throws a Punch (with Judy) at Her Old Network
The Robins Report, June 9th, 2003

Mister D: As far as I know this was filmed in Hollywood….Mister Vilanch had a hand in th writing….natch

So acrimonious was Bette Midler’s break with CBS after her sitcom Bette was canceled during the 2000-01 season that she vowed to write a tell-all book about it.

But even though she was offered a deal of more than $1 million for a tome with the working title of Cancelled, the Divine Miss M eventually abandoned the nonfiction literary project. She’s still going to take aim at CBS, though. According to industry sources, when Midler goes on tour this fall, she’ll show audiences a short film in which she takes on the network in a mock courtroom trial.

Hearing the case will be the Honorable Judge Judy Sheindlin, the doyenne of daytime-TV justice. The network will be portrayed in the film by an actor-dressed as a giant CBS eye.

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