UpDates: 07-16-03

New Music is up in the Jukebox and in the Songwriter section…

New Poll is Up: When Did You Become A Bette Midler Fan?

Old Poll: The Majority of the Bootleg Readers prefer The Bette Midler Sitcom “Do” with The Divine Madness look coming in Second….for the rest of the do’s and their placings….go into the booth and look-see…:-)

Remember to set your VCR’s or IUD’s for Bette’s repeat appearance on The Caroline Rhea Show July 24th….check local listings….

To check on another special event that is NOT a repeat, but will be real fun, just take a gander at this: We Got Bruce Check your local listings!

Also VH1 is showing a series next week called “Icons” or something to that effect….In the print ads there are a cluster of caricatures and one resembles our very own Bette Midler. She’s noodled in somewhere around Oprah and Brad Pitt. Anyway the show is 2 hours and is spread over 5 days…it starts next Monday July 21, 2003

Thank you so much to those who wished me a Happy Birthday and to those of you who didn’t…WELLLLLL, I’m still waiting!!!! Actually, I’m kidding…your gift to me are your visits to my site….very much appreciated!

Until we meet again…Mister D

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