Heeeere’s Johnny! On DVD


‘The Ultimate Johnny Carson Collection” (R2 Entertainment, 420 mins., not rated, $69.99) is really big. How big is it? It’s so big it takes up three disks and seven hours.

The set, highlighting the talk-show giant’s 30 years on “The Tonight Show,” includes Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent, “Daniel Boone” star Ed Ames and his remarkable tomahawk toss and many moments that remind us of the host’s triple-threat gift for impressions, physical comedy and topical humor.

The collection spans 1962-92, though the ’60s (when the show emanated from New York) are lightly represented. There’s a 1982 NBC special chronicling Carson’s return to his Nebraska hometown; his penultimate “Tonight” episode, with Robin Williams and Bette Midler, and the final show, in which he introduces his favorite clips.

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