An Interview With Ester Nicholson-Bette’s Background Vocalist


Mister D: I ran across this great interview with Ms. Nicholson that may give some people some insight into how Bette works. I’ll also include the link to the full interview because the lady has a lot of beautiful things to say about life and purpose:

You’ve toured and recorded with Bette Midler, who seems like a really dynamic woman. What have you learned from her in terms of being a successful woman in the music industry?

As far as the business aspect of it, she surrounds herself with excellence. And she’s willing to be excellent herself. She doesn’t require any more from anyone else, than she requires from herself. And what she requires from other people at times may seem neurotic, over the top and draining, but she requires that from herself as well. And she’s just willing to work from sunup to the next sunup to get what she wants.

You could work for two weeks on something with Bette, and think “wow, I’ve worked this hard on it so obviously it’s going to stay in the show.” — she’s not attached to however long you’ve worked on it if all of a sudden she’s had an idea that’s better than that one. And that’s a really hard lesson to learn, to be unattached to what you think is great, because there’s always greater if you’re open to it.

For Full Interview: Click Here

I’ll try to find some info on everybody in the band to share if I am able….hope you enjoy. I think it’s important to learn about those that help lift Ms. Midler up to her soaring heights….

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