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January 15, 2004
Our own saucy STEVEN COJOCARU sat down with the one and only Divine Miss M, BETTE MIDLER, for a sassy chat on singing, her svelte physique and the “Stepford Wives”!

Watch tonight’s ET for some quality Cojo and Bette time!

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The legendary diva, who just earned a Grammy nod for her last album, Bette Midler Sings the Rosemary Clooney Songbook, has finally returned to the stage with a brand-new nationwide tour, appropriately titled, “Kiss My Brass!” It’s her first show in four years — and is spicier than ever. “I’m sassy and brassy but I’m not SHIRLEY BASSEY … but check out my chassis,” Bette joked.

Meanwhile, Cojo couldn’t get over how marvelous the radiant icon was looking — so what’s her secret? “The South Beach Diet,” Bette revealed. “It’s mostly no carbs, none of the bad carbs, no white bread, no sugar. The funny thing is some days it (the weight) just falls off. Three days ago, I was 116 pounds and now I’m 113 pounds, I don’t get it!”

Bette addressed another one of her many “assets” as well. “Big boobs mean big bucks … these bosoms put my daughter through private school,” she said laughing.

Besides her tour, which continues through early March of 2004, there is much divine-ness to go around. Bette is starring with NICOLE KIDMAN in ‘The Stepford Wives’ (opening June 11, 2004), and told Cojo she enjoyed spending time with the ‘Cold Mountain’ star. “She’s fantastic! Gorgeous girl, a little too thin, always too cold, shivering — but she’s gorgeous, hilarious, drinks, parties!”

Bette’s tour lands next this weekend in New York at the Madison Square Garden. For more info, including upcoming tour dates — check out!

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