The Today Show? Thanks to Sally for this Lead!

This is a transcript from the end of the Today Show this morning:

COURIC: Anyway, that does it for us on this very cold Thursday morning. Tomorrow, we’ve got some tips on handling rude children.

LAUER: And we’re going to–don’t look at me.

COURIC: I’m sorry.

LAUER: And we’re going to hear from Bette Midler. Have a great afternoon. We’ll see you then.

This would make sense, as Sally says, since Bette will be playing NY this weekend. Probably a filmed segment while she was in NY yesterday, I’m sure…..:-) And no, she is not listed on their website, so it’s a chance we’ll have to take…BESIDES, if she’s not on, at least we’ll get good tips on how to handle rude children, ie, some people from the Exclusive Club!:-)

Love, Mister D

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