Thanks To Chaz from the U.K. for this Tid-Bette


Mister D: I told Chaz that I was listening to some blues songs on the subscription radio service, Rhapsody, and I picked the song listed below because of the title…after hearing it, I told Barry to come listen and we both thought it would have been a great number for Bette, especially in the early years…it just seemed like it was a perfect match….then Chaz sent this to me, and I thought…well, isn’t this coincidental…

Jazz Musician George Melly on meeting Miss M:

‘I was performing in a south Harrow jazz club when Dereck Taylor brought Bette Midler. She wasnt known at all in Briton at that time, but my wife Diana had heard her sing in New York and was mad on her. She sang with me and on her own- she performed some standards, alot of numbers by the blues singer Bessie Smith, who is my greatest music love, and she did one of my numbers called Nuts Hot Nuts. She pounded out the songs- shes a wonderful singer. I said to the audiacne ‘Put her name in the filing cabnet of your mind and look at it again a years time’ and of cousre i was right. Next time she came over there was a great party thrown for her, where this picture was taken.’

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