Stop This Rumour: The “Dear President Bush” Letter

If you are receiving an email concerning a letter written to President Bush on the subject of gay marriage and attributed to Bette Midler…hate to tell you, but BETTE DID NOT WRITE THE LETTER!

The letter was posted by someone on an unofficial Bette Midler message board and has now taken on a life of it’s own…you know…like that little game we sometimes played as kids where you all get in a circle….one person whispers a secret in your ear and then you repeat it in the next person’s ear…by the time it reaches back to the original whisperer…it resembles nothing like the original secret….Well, that’s kind of what has happened here….

Bette did not write it and she did not hand it out at any if she’d have the time after a grueling 3 hour show…

Yes, the sentiment of the letter is beautiful, but it ain’t Bette….so STOP THIS RUMOUR dead in it’s track. I’ve confirmed this with people who would know, I promise…so many thanks to them for taking the time to reply!

Thanks for listening…Mister D

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