BLB UpDates and Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: 03-07-04

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Photo: A BaltoBoy Steve Scan

Yes, I’m late and I really didn’t have an important date…I’ve just been lazy, but what else is new???? I’ve been flying here and there and boy are my arms tired!!!

Anyway, there is music playing in the Bootleg Betty Jukebox…so come on in to the Divine Mr. D’s piano bar and listen to some Bette music while Chef Bev cooks us up a few specials to go along with Cris’s Brazilian BombShell, a drink that’ll make sure you have to come back and visit because you won’t remember that you’ve already been there…..whew…that was long-winded, but fun….we got stuff from Letterman, Rosie and Leno…should be great!

As for the BLB Records covers project…well, we have the inspiration for the Kiss My Brass song, played and sung by the Royal Crown Revue. This is their song called, “HEY PACHUKO”, but Eric Kornfeld wrote special lyrics for Bette’s show…so this version is different…but you’ll get the idea….for the title of the song, just imagine everyone yelling “hey, Bette Midler!”

Also in there is Gary Barlow, from the old Take That group, singing “Hang On In There Baby.” I also have up the classy Dinah Washington singing “Long John Blues.” Take a listen and see if you like….

New Polls Are UP…one is rather hard, but try to make a choice…(thanks to Richie B for this ballbuster)

Results of the last 3 polls are as follows:

Which Is Your Favorite Bette Discussion Group?
The Yahoo Official Board 52.1%
What Discussion Groups? 15.2%
The Bette Midler Forum 14.2%
The Bette Midler Society 6.5%
None of Them 5.2%
All of Them 3.9%
The Exclusive BM Club 2.9%

Which Of These Ballads (Used Liberally Here) Are You Most Glad To Hear Bette Sing In This Show?
Skylark 21.9%
I Think It’s Going To Rain Today 20.1%
Shiver Me Timbers 11.8%
September 11.6%
The Rose 10.0%
Wind Beneath My Wings 9.8%
Do You Wanna Dance 6.0%
I Like To Be Told 3.6%
From A Distance 2.5%
Hey There 1.3%
Tenderly 1.3%

Which Of These Movies That Bette Turned Down Would You Most Like To Have Seen Her In?
Sister Act 47.0%
Misery 25.7%
Annie 14.7%
Straight Talk 3.3%
Nashville 3.0%
Foul Play 2.3%
Won Ton Ton The Dog Who Saved Hollywood 1.3%
King Kong 1.3%
Rocky 1.0%
The Fortune 0.3%

Interesting, huh?

Other changes are the introduction pages to the music, movie, and book review sections. Thought they needed a little polish and spit or vice versa…thanks to Snook for helping me out here…

I also want to thank BaltoBoy for a slew of new pics from FT Lauderdale. I’ve been using some of them in the review pages and posts…hopefully soon all will be transferred to the scrapbook….

Darrell has some fabulous stuff on his site, Bette On The Boards, including a new song of the week from the Neil Sedaka Special….also check out the archives and listen to Bette receiving her Tony Award for her special engagement at the Palace when I was still a foetus…He ‘s also working on an Experience The Divine Tour Page…so that’s something to look forward to…

In other news, Bette’s concert is still going strong but is in its wind-down phase, however, don’t be surprised if it kicks back into swing in the fall…in the meantime, those of you who haven’t seen it yet…well, just don’t miss it if at all possible…

One more thing:


Love, Mister D

PS: Don’t forget to catch Mister V in Hairspray…now playing in St Louis! You’ll be sorry if you miss this uplifting show!

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