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Special F/X: Sammy Miro

Darrell has exercised his God-given right to change his mind and has thankfully started back up his “Song of the Week” audio treats. He always has some great classics that many of us have never heard before…so please be sure to check it out and let him know whether you enjoy it or not….give some feedback. Here’s the link: Bette On The Boards

This week the selection is: I Shall Be Released, September 24, 1979

For those of you wanting to relive the experience, or experience it for the first time . . . visit Brian J. Heck’s webpage www.bettelyrics.com for a chance to hear a full length “Kiss My Brass” concert. Supposedly, it won’t be up for long, so listen while you can.

The downside…you have to join the message board, The Bette Midler Society. Nice board, but just an extra hoop you have to go through….the upside…friendly environment and a free concert.

Love, Mister D

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