Second Thoughts and Corrections


Mister D: After posting that article from USA Today where it states that Tim Allen and Bette Midler were set to film “In The Pink“, I took the liberty of researching Variety magazine…and I can find no such thing about it….not in even movies under development.

Also with Tim Allen’s movie schedule (filmings) and Bette’s upcoming tour…it just does’t add up….there would be no time to film it. I think maybe the columnist may have gotten her info from IMDB which is not the best way to confirm things…any ole person can make changes to their database. So at this point, I would just keep this at rumour status

The Stepford Wives, after all tallies were totaled over the weekend…well, it actually came in 5th place:

1 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban $34.9
2 The Chronicles of Riddick $24.3
3 Shrek 2 $23.3
4 Garfield: The Movie $21.7
5 The Stepford Wives $21.4

(Figures refer to millions and come from Variety magazine)

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