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For the last four years I’ve been wearing a foundation that was a perfect match for my skin tone and texture. I’ve just turned 45 and suddenly the same base is making me look washed out. Why?


According to makeup pro Sandy Linter, whose clientele of 40+ celebrities includes Bette Midler and Sigourney Weaver, foundation needs to be re-evaluated every time you “renew.”

“You have to keep up with the changing color of your skin as you age. Going slightly warmer in color counteracts the natural paling down of skin tone as it becomes thinner, drier, and is shielded from the sun with daily sunscreen to slow down the aging process.

The use of anti-aging skin care products — with exfoliating ingredients like retinol, BHA, AHA — freshens the skin but can reveal slightly lighter, paler, “healthier” skin. To compensate, just make a slight adjustment in color and go with more golden, yellow-based shades.

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