Bette on Regis and Kelly: 09/07/04 (Thanks Leslie!)

Mister D: It is true…Bette will be on and this time it ain’t no rerun. Just in case, I made a call to confirm it, so we didn’t have to ponder for a week or more….

Show: Live with Regis and Kelly
Episode: 09/07/2004
Network: (SYN) Syndicated
Date: Tuesday – September 07, 2004
Time: 09:00 am – 10:00 am ET

Featured Artists

Bette Midler
About: 09/07/2004
Regis and Kelly welcome the divine BETTE MIDLER. Crossing Over’s JOHN EDWARD is here. And from The Amazing Race, cousins CHARLA AND MIRNA stop by.

About SYN: Syndicated

Syndicated is not a network but a term that refers to a show that airs at different times, different stations and different networks throughout the country. Availability also varies. Please check your local listings.

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