What The Stars Find Sexy!!!

In Style; 9/1/2004

“A white button-down shirt and jeans. It’s just a classic, simple look. Suits are sexy too.” LINDSAY LOHAN

“Two people in the same dress can look completely different–it all depends on how they inhabit it. Ultimately it’s about what they feel the best in; that’s why individual style is so important.” CARLA GUGINO

“Jeans and a T-shirt, and maybe some cowboy boots. That’s all you need.” KATE HUDSON

“The coziest sweatpants and the oldest T-shirt you can ever imagine.” CHRISTINE TAYLOR

“Anything my husband Oliver wears is sexy. For women it’s about wearing whatever makes you feel happy, because happy is sexy.” THANDIE NEWTON

“I like real men. I love beat-up Levi’s, beat-up T-shirts, beat-up shoes and messy hair. I don’t like product or blow-dried hair.” VANESSA MARCIL

“A man in a sleek Prada suit is the sexiest thing. I’m more of a dress-up than dress-down person.” ELIZABETH BANKS

“This might be a little too racy, but I really like when a woman wears a tank top and no bra. I think that’s hot.” JAKE GYLLENHAAL

“A suit jacket with a hoodie under it. Dolce & Gabbana made this awesome sport jacket that had this gray hoodie that came out of it and it was so hot! I got one for my boyfriend and it didn’t fit him. I was really mad!” LAURA PREPON

“A short, diaphanous sundress.” ROB LOWE


“Anything that Audrey Hepburn ever wore.” JOE PANTOLIANO

“I love a guy in a uniform, like a Marine.” MOLLY SIMS

“The sexiest thing a woman can wear is a wedding ring … just a wedding ring.” MARK RUFFALO

“I like soft and comfortable. Sexy isn’t strapping yourself into stuff.” MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL

“A smile. I think that’s the sexiest outfit a woman can wear.” DENNIS QUAID

“A man in a great-smelling cologne gets the woman every time.” MARY J. BLIGE

“The more simple and comfortable you are, the sexier you are.” NICOLE RICHIE

“Hoodies for everybody!” BETTE MIDLER

“It’s what’s underneath the clothes that make it. If my man has on good underwear, it’s the best thing ever. I’m a boxer girl; boxers are definitely more adult.” EVE

“Maybe a cocktail waitress or scullery maid outfit. It varies from woman to woman.” MATTHEW BRODERICK

“A towel wrapped around his waist.” CHRISTINA APPLEGATE

“On women, drawstring pants that sit nicely on the hips. I like things that aren’t the classic come-on kind of clothing. Lingerie and that kind of stuff is trashy and sort of silly.” ANDY RICHTER

“The sexiest outfit a man can wear is a white button-down shirt and jeans. The biggest turnoff is a Speedo and tall socks. A woman looks sexy in a sundress. Women make the mistake of thinking that tight clothes make them sexy. There’s nothing less sexy than a woman who’s pulling at her clothes all night.” JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT

“You have to have a really individual style. I don’t care how a guy dresses as long as it’s something that he wants to be wearing. You can be outrageous or you can be plain, as long as it’s in your own style.” MISCHA BARTON

“For women, the sexiest thing has got to be underwear and a tank top in bed. For men, a shirt that shows a little bit of hair. And generally, you have to be a great guy, because that shows through in the eyes to me.” LIZ PHAIR

“I think bustiers and corsets are really sexy on women. I love when men unbutton their shirt, just a little bit, so that you can see their tan chests.” MENA SUVARI

“A woman in a business suit is definitely sexy.” JASON PRIESTLEY

“For women, it’s better to accentuate your curves than try to hide them. For men, a thong–but not in public! Men also always look good in Prada.” JENNIFER TILLY

“I’ve always done well in a tuxedo. I like a big smile on a woman.” RON LIVINGSTON

“How they dress in Rio: They don’t put anything on!” DIEGO LUNA

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