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V.P. Debate: Celebrities Tweet Reactions to Biden-Ryan Brawl
by Free Britney at October 12, 2012

Unlike President Obama, Joe Biden actually showed up for his debate with Paul Ryan last night in Danville, Ky., with the V.P. candidates putting on quite a display.

While both sides could take away plenty of political positives from the vice presidential debate, the general consensus was that it made for great TV.

Some of our favorite celebrity Twitter reactions appear below:

Dennis Miller: “Biden’s incessant smile is reminding me of the Cleveland Indian’s Hat Logo which is reminding me of baseball. Adios.”

Donald Trump: “Pretty even debate- no knockouts. However Ryan’s closing statement somewhat stronger. What do you think? #VPDebate”

Bette Midler: “Ryan might have been disciplined, but he has marbles in his mouth and he was hard to understand. Joe Biden was clear, lucid and very amused.”

Steve Marin: “WHY I DIDN’T WATCH THE DEBATE: I was having dinner.”

Kevin Nealon: “Biden and Ryan could never work together as synchronized swimmers. #VPDebate.”

Lisa Ling: “Good and feisty debate. Both represented their sides well.”

Bill Maher: “Biden is hitting in one answer all the things Obama left out in the entire first 90 minute debate.”

Kat Dennings: “Paul Ryan comes off like a 5 year old under a tree telling his friends what the rules of tag are #debate.”

Chuck Woolery: “Ryan now having to debate Martha too.”

Caroline Manzo: “I feel like I’m watching a real housewife reunion as I watch the debate -”

Kenny Mayne: “Sad that the commentators marvel over fact debate was substantive.”

Charlie Daniels: “I didn’t see but a little bit of the debate but Biden came off as Condescending to me.”

Patton Oswalt: “‘The carved wooden doll across from my has gained sentience and wants to kill the country.’ — Biden’s closing statement. #debate.” And: “‘The old man across from me is made from abortions lashed together with Ani DiFranco‘s public hair.’ — Ryan’s closing statement #debate.”

Bill Rancic: “Wow…what a battle we are watching tonight in this debate.”

Eva Longoria: “Every channel declaring a Biden victory! Biden def delivered the facts tonight and held Ryan accountable for the lies! #TeamJoe”

Olivia Wilde: “‘@MiaFarrow: Biden kicked ass Ryan twerp I love you Martha Raddatz‘. Word.”

Samantha Bee: “I’m listening to the debate on the radio so I can’t see anything. Biden’s wearing leather pants, right? Please say yes.”

Kirstie Alley: “liking this debate!!!….. ruff!!!!!”

Lisa Rinna: “If you are not watching this debate right now you should its amazing!”

Greta Van Susteren: “Does this debate feel like a Chris Mathews show on crack?”

Meghan McCain: “This debate is blood sport. Crossfire style. Don’t know how this will change swing voters minds….enjoying Martha though.”

Dane Cook: “They need to play The Little Rascals theme music underneath this debate.”

Roger Ebert: I vote for Martha Raddatz to moderate all the debates. #vpdebate.”

Bethenny Frankel: “I can’t watch this debate without thinking about these two candidates being mocked on SNL this Saturday.”

Rob Lowe: “Was that a ‘You’re no Jack Kennedy‘ moment from Ryan?”

Lo Bosworth: “Joe, stop laughing. Your teefs are distracting me from the issues at hand!!!”

Sarah Hyland: “Paul Ryan’s pin is bigger than Biden’s.#debates #fact.”

Eric Stonestreet: “Joe’s laughing and smirking is probably going over as well with republicans as Paul’s hairline is with democrats. #debates.”

Elizabeth Reaser: “Need to party with Biden.”

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