BLB Exclusive: A Message From Bette Midler

Mister D:

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting with Bette Midler after the
opening night performance of Kiss My Brass in Manchester, New Hampshire. We
shared a very passionate discussion on many topics, including the current
state of the world and our country. Miss Midler is a very ardent citizen,
and asked me to pass along an article to you all that she strongly believes
in, and wants all people to read.

I, of course, agreed, and set out to present this to you all in the best way possible. I brought in my trusty sidekick Darrell Redmond, from Bette On The Boards, to help bring my vision to the screen, and he’s done a remarkable job.

I hope that you all take the time to read this heartfelt article, regardless of personal opinions, and allow yourselves the chance to assimilate some new ideas.

Love, Mr. D

PS: You’ll find the link to her foreword and the article at the top of the Bootleg Betty page. Thank you all so much for your continued support.

Make sure to scroll down after reading Ms. Midler’s foreward … the article is below it. There is also an audio link there where you can listen to the author read his piece.

You can access the message here, too: A Message From Bette Midler

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