The Time Machine: Oct. 10, 1977

Time Magazine
Oct 10, 1977

As an aspiring singer at Manhattan’s gay Continental Baths, Bette Midler never minded the towel-clad clientele. But Bette is fussier these days.

When Dustin Hoffman arrived in blue jeans to tape NBC’s Dec. 7 show, The Bette Midler Special, the Divine Miss M demanded that he spruce up. “O.K., it’s time for you to change into your tux,” she announced, then proceeded to yank off his jeans.

Despite their disagreement on attire, Bette and friend managed to collaborate on a song. Dustin wrote the music, and Bette the lyrics.

Like, for example: “I’m glad you called. I got nothing to do. Come on, let’s shoot the breeze.”

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