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The Flick Chick Quick List!
– Leslie Gray Streeter

The Flick Chick Quick List!

This week: Girlfriends

The best on-screen lady buddies:

1. Thelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon), Thelma and Louise (1991): When their road trip takes an ugly turn, these ladies prove that a true friend will go anywhere with you – even on a closer-than-usual tour of the Grand Canyon.

2. CC (Bette Midler) and Hillary (Barbara Hershey) Beaches (1988): Through thick, thin, stolen boyfriends, cheating husbands and very bad ’80s hair, their friendship survived even (sniff) death. WAAAH! I can’t take it!

3. Savannah (Whitney Houston), Robin (Lela Rochon), Bernie (Angela Bassett) and Gloria (Loretta Devine) Waiting to Exhale (1995): Another thing a true friend does: She tells you when you’re crazy, when your married lover’s just never gonna leave his wife and that, if your wallet is missing in the vicinity of the shady guy you picked up in the grocery store, he probably took it. No, really. He did.

4. Brenda (Bette Midler), Annie (Diane Keaton) and Elise (Goldie Hawn), The First Wives Club (1996): Think of them as a sort of book club, if the month’s selection was How To Get Even When Your Nasty Husband Leaves You For Some Skank.

5. Doralee (Dolly Parton), Violet (Lily Tomlin) and Judy (Jane Fonda), Nine to Five (1980): They looked beyond their initial differences and placed their aggressions where they really needed to be – their awful boss.

– Leslie Gray Streeter

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