Happy Labor Day My Beauties!!!

ArtWork: Sammy Miro

Hope every one has a great Labor Day in light of what is going on with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Once again, my heartfelt prayers and positive thoughts to all…

Happy Labor Day: Click Here For This Holiday’s History

* Hurricane Relief Resources and Articles Available
* Supposed Song List for Bette’s New CD – From My Own Research and Snooping! Click Here! (spoiler page made for those who want or don’t want to know…not published on the main page)
* James Matthews Peggy Lee Tribute In New York
* Bette Joins Darfur Fast
* Bette Joins Clean Up The World Weekend
* Bruce Vilanch Checks Into VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club

Also, join me in welcoming a new Bette Midler club, Rebecca’s Bette Midler OnLine

Coming soon we will have another Bette Midler club , Jeff’s Bette Midler Aloha This one should be quite exceptional since Jeff has been a long time fan and collector.

Love, Mister D!

PS: Please take the time to look at some of the Hurricane Relief Resources I’ve put at the top of the page. Every little bit helps…nothing is too small in the wake of a catastrophe of this magnitude.

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