A Message From Ms Peggy Lee’s Granddaughter

Mister D: A friend of mine found this on Miss Peggy Lee’s Message Board and sent it to me. It’s a very heartfelt message from Ms. Lee’s granddaughter, Holly, concerning Bette and Barry’s Peggy Lee project. I hope she doesn’t mind me reprinting it here, but I felt this would be of great interest to Bette fans as well:

One of the projects we’re most excited about, of course, is the upcoming Bette Midler CD. We were beyond pleased when we learned that she and Barry Manilow were putting together this album. My mother and I have heard most of the tracks, and they sound just amazing. Maybe we’re biased, but both my mother and I think Bette has never sounded better than she does on this CD (and that’s saying something, because we’re both big Bette fans). The CD will be part of a “dual disc,” so it will come with a short DVD. Both my mother and I make an appearance on the DVD, but the fact that will interest you most is that we’ve arranged for Sony/Columbia to use some never-before-seen home video footage of my grandmother. We had the honor of spending time with Bette at the DVD shoot, and she couldn’t have been lovelier. If I could have scripted what I would want for her to say about my grandmother, it couldn’t have been better than what she said on her own. We’re really hoping that Bette’s CD will help introduce my grandmother’s music to a new audience.

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I’d like to thank Jim for passing this along to me. Eventually I will take this off the front page and put it on the Peggy Lee tribute page with the track listings. Now my excitation (is that a word? if not, it is now!) level concerning this project is off the roof…. 🙂

Love, Mister D

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