Bette’s “Interview” With Robin Leach And The Possibility of A Vegas Run

Mister D: Nice chat, with a lot of “ifs,” but it really looks like the Vegas thing will happen. It’s just a matter of exactly “when.” Mr. Leach says he also has the lowdown on Bette’s Vegas gig which will be announced this coming February. Supposedly Bette and Cher will take turns churning out their hits with Bette to start first in Feb 08 and then Cher in April 08. Remember, nothing is true until the dotted line is sealed. I’m pretty sure all this will happen but only the dates may change. Until that conference though, it’s gossip!

For Pics Of The Joe Hard Birthday: Click Here

It was a $5-million+ entertainment extravaganza for my friend, 84 Lumber chief Joe Hardy (above with Bette) to celebrate his 84th birthday! He built up his private billion-dollar business from the very first cash and carry 84 Lumber store and his near 500-coast-to-coast stores includes one right here between the Palms and the Orleans! Pittsburgh Steelers player Troy Polamalu, who partied here after last year’s Superbowl victory, attended with former Homeland Security chief, Tom Ridge and even President George Bush and First Lady Laura sent their congratulations and birthday wishes!

Bette Midler was the first celebrity entertainer. With a 10-piece all female band led by her female pianist/conductor and the three stunning Scarlet Harlots, Bette opened her show with ‘Friends.’ If this was a miniature taste of the production they’re hoping to bring to Caesars next February after Celine Dion ends her run Dec 15, then this is absolutely perfect entertainment. Bette’s got salty songs, dirty jokes and a few F-bombs thrown in for good measure, but everybody laughs along in hysterics and nobody’s offended, She admits to being over 60 but sings and high kicks like the best of them, along with her trio of singers. She belted through Rosemary Clooney’s ‘Tenderly,’ Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’ and got a standing ovation for ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ and the hysterically funny ‘Pretty Legs Great Knockers’ medley! She joked about how wealthy Joe Hardy was and got her trio to agree that “Money Looks Good on Any Age.”

Backstage I chatted with Bette about the stories I’d heard that, along with Cher, she would be a replacement for Celine. She said: “I’m not a spring chicken anymore. It would be a tough challenge, and I’m really worried about my throat. That’s a lot of singing every night and I just don’t know if it would hold up.” I reassured her that the Colosseum was fully moisturized and the theater family would ensure she had the same drizzle spray system in place as Celine has. “Well that reassures me, I’ll come,” she said delightedly.” You know this gig for Joe is my first in over a year. We actually rehearsed full-time for a week just to pull off this one-time-only show.” Bette admitted that her cast and crew are all excited and looking forward to the Vegas run, if all the details finally work out and are announced officially next month. She says the show, if it all comes together, would be much different than the one she’d just performed but admitted that she’s got a writer who would update each night with new jokes tailor-made from the news and the desert kingdom’s happenings!

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