I Tell Ya!!! ShowBiz!!!????

Mister D: I hope Mr. Leach follows through this time. He has boasted for the last 2 fucking weeks about this interview. I talked with Bette’s people thru carrier pidgeons and supposedly a few brief words were spoken, but no interview. Who knows how the show biz world works??? I sure don’t anymore. Mr. Leach says he also has the lowdown on Bette’s Vegas gig which will be announced this coming February. Supposedly Bette and Cher will take turns churning out their hits with Bette to start first in Feb 08 and then Cher in April 08. Remember, nothing is true until the dotted line is sealed. I’m pretty sure all this will happen but only the dates may change. Until that conference though, it’s gossip!

Luxe Life
Robin Leach

“Don’t forget on Thursday we have the exclusive Bette Midler interview as the Divine Miss M joins Christina Aguilera and Robin Williams at the most expensive birthday bash I’ve been to in more than a decade.”

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