A Brand New Bette Forum: The Bette Midler OnLine Forum

Mister D: Rebecca over at www.BetteMidlerOnline.com has given birth to a spanking new Bette Midler forum. Oh and she’s so beautiful. It only took Rebecca 5 minutes to push it out. I’m going to pretend I was the midwife if that’s okay. I always wanted to be a midwife, as long as there was no placenta or anything icky like fluids and crap involved. Anyway, you can check it out here to welcome her and give the mother, Rebecca, a deserved congratulations.

And I think, I, Mister D (ewww….third person talk), and the Divine Darrell can say:

“I ain’t birthin’ no baby!”

Okay, enough of my ramblin’ Here’s the link…ya did awesome Bec!:

Bette Midler Online Forum

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