Bette’s Movie To Debut At The End Of The Year?

Helen Hunt Found Producer Vachon
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Lesbian super-producer Christine Vachon likes to keep multiple plates spinning. And she’s added some big-name talent to her roster of producing projects. Having made her name as the shepherd of some of the most adventurous independent films of the ”˜90s, one of her new projects, Then She Found Me, finds Vachon taking on the directing debut of A-lister Helen Hunt.

Hunt–who also stars in and co-wrote the film–has assembled Bette Midler, Colin Firth, and Matthew Broderick for her comedy-drama about a middle-aged teacher in transition: her husband has left, her adoptive mother has died, her birth-mother has reappeared, and she’s beginning an affair with a student’s father.

In post-production now, the movie, which also features gay actor John Benjamin Hickey in a supporting role, will most likely be found in theaters close to the end of this year.

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