UpDated: Stupid Boy!

Mister D:

“How Stupid Is Mister D?”

Photo: Thank you Sarah and Henk

I’m already nauseous from sun poisoning. Well, I went to get gas and left my wallet on my stupid trunk. Of course it flew off. Someone called me…my hairdresser called me…someone saw her business card. Thank God for her.

She told me a lady saw a wallet flying off a car and she picked up whatever she could find. I went to the church…God is watching me..found my credit cards and my $7.00. But now I remember I had an international male card in case I ever lose 30 pounds! So now I have to go back and look for it and my health card…what a bitch…I know I’m going to vomit on the church lawn. That doesn’t seem right.

Later or tommorow we’ll talk about NYRP, the Top Faves (I wish I had extended the deadline for a few months…because I got over 200 top faves within a few weeks. But it looks about rignt and it’s interesting. I’d like to thank Julia’s fiance Art for working on the calculations…I was crying after 2 days of counting every thing.

We’ll talk about Miss Becci, Miss Megan who attended The NYRP Spring Picnic…..

We’ll also talk about looking good naked after 50…supposedly from an ex-musical director of Bette’s…whatever…he looks hot for 50 or over…I walk around naked and my cats hiss and the flower’s wilt…not to mention the planks on the porch pop up and hit me in the head. How can I live like this…I have betrayed myself

I’ll also be asking for help/information on something else to make my life a living hell again….

I also want to say that I’ve been invited to Larry Henley’s 70th Birhday party. He wrote Wind Beneath My Wings. I hope to get an interview later on. I’d like to thank my brother Woody and his manager for getting me an invite.

See ya’ll tommorrow…I’m heading towards my beautiful porcelain pond and then I’m going to church…

Much Love,

Mister D

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