Just A Little Shout Out To “The BetteHeads” MySpace

PhotoShop: BaltoBoy Steve

I just want to thank whoever (whomever) ya’ll are. Their identity is unknown to me…if someone knows, then don’t tell me. I like the mystery to the whole idea.

Thank you for always for promoting my site on MySpace and watching my back, keeping me up to date if I miss something. Also for all the support I get when I need it.


And yes there are other great sites on there…so no disrespect. I think we can all say this site is important to us all.

So thanks ladies and germs..LOL I have no idea if it’a all ladies or all germs or a mixture…it doesn’t matter. Keep up the good work.

You can fnd other great sites on my friend list…those who are not part of MySpace…you can still see and hear the music, I think. MySpace still freaks me out..whatever…

Love, Mister D

PS: Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!! 🙂

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