Updated: Bette Midler Digital Jukebox

Mister D: I just added 3 more dance remixes to the jukebox. Many of you have probably heard them, but many have not. They are the following:

* Fever (Junior_Vasquez’s NYC Club Mix
* I’m Beautiful (Victor Calderone Mix)
* The Rose (War of the Roses Deep Influence Tribal Mix) – (Mister D: What???????)

Photo: B. Bank

I must tell you, even though I’m gay, I have never been fond of dance music even when I was young. I was always so bored with it. I was always bugging the DJ to please play some rock and roll for an hour…and he did. He would throw in some Bette for me every once in awhile…like Fire Down Below, Keep On Rockin, Sold My Soul, and then a few things by the Stones, Rod Stewart, etc…and I was in ecstacy for at least one hour. Then I would have to get face down gutter drunk to get through the rest of the night. Of course, I was quite popular with the guys at the end of the night! I didn’t say that…I never said that!!!!

For the jukebox: Click Here

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