Rumor Alert: Will Bette Be One Of “The Women?”

Mister D: I’m trying to get this confirmed, but with Bette set to start rehearsals for Vegas in September, I just can’t see this happening. But I ain’t saying it couldn’t happen either. Just seems like bad timing.

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This Just In: Update on The Women
by Marc Malkin
Jul. 11, 2007

The remake of the camp classic The Women is coming together.

Sources tell me that several of the movie’s costars, including Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes and Debra Messing, are on Martha’s Vineyard for a working holiday. Director Diane English is also with them, and Bette Midler is also expected to make the trip, according to my sources.

“They have hit the island for some girl time, for some rest and relaxation, to get to know each other and to read through their scenes,” one of my sources reports.

Production of the long-delayed remake is scheduled to start in the fall.

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