TOP 10 LAS VEGAS SHOWS – 7/02/07 – 7/08/07

Mister D: Miss M re-enters the charts at Number 9. Thank God she’s above Toni Braxton. I can never forgive her for ruining “In The Ghetto” dueting with Taylor Hicks. In a song about the ghetto, she comes out wearing a baby doll nightgown and tried to make it sex and grind number…just totally missing the point of the song. Whether you like Taylor Hicks or not…it was just embarrassing. Maybe in her act she’ll poll dance to one of Neil Young’s anti-war songs….eek!


Event This Week Last Week

Céline Dion: A New Day 1 1
Elton John: The Red Piano 2 6
Cirque Du Soleil: The Beatles: LOVE 3 2
Cirque Du Soleil: “O” 4 3
Monty Python’s Spamalot 5 5
Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular 6 7
Le Rêve 7 n/a
David Copperfield 8 n/a
Bette Midler 9 n/a
Toni Braxton: Revealed 10 n/a

Love, Mister D

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