NYRP: Art Brings Green To “The Queen Of All Things”

New York Post
Page Six
Richard Johnson
Dec 3, 2007

December 3, 2007 — BETTE Midler’s NY Restoration Project will soon bring greenery to the city’s arboreally challenged ZIP codes.

The songstress’ charity is a beneficiary of Sotheby’s sale the other night of four American paintings donated by Bank of America’s Opportunity campaign.

“How fabulous is it that with this money, MillionTrees NYC can plant trees in some of the city’s most under-served neighborhoods?” Midler said.

The works, including N.C. Wyeth’s “Port Clyde, Maine,” fetched close to $900,000. The auction benefited the NY Public Library and Police Athletic League as well. BofA marketing czar Anne Finucane joined library prez Paul LeClerc and PAL chair Robert Morgenthau at a preview.

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