To Bette From Celine (Thanks Da’Vi)

This is just a little blip, but the ladies at The View bring up Bette to Celine…so here’s a message from Celine to Bette.

Thanks to Da’Vi

Love, Mister D

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6 thoughts on “To Bette From Celine (Thanks Da’Vi)

  1. Hey Terri!

    Tes…thought she was quick on her feet…which was natural…and gave a very classy answer….

    Hope you received my Xmas ecard….I sent a lot out but I think they may have ended up in somebody’s spam filter or I did something wrong…not unusual…I was trying to use that Plaxo thing….

    Love, Don

  2. LOL! THAT’S it girl, Bette needs NO advice…it’s nice to know that Celine is not as boring as the love songs she sings…oops, sorry, you can cut that out from the board, Don…LOL!

  3. Hey Cris and Eric: Thanks for chiming in.

    Cris, you can say that, but some would say the same thing about Bette, too, I guess if all they’ve heard of her stuff is from the radio.

    There are ballads I like by both and some I just can not listen to anymore (by both)….thats why I go for the Rocker Chick in both of them….LOL

    Love, Mister D (keeping in character here) – BTW, somehow I deleted Terri’s comment and I don’t know how….how stupid.

    Also Cris I owe you an email and a phone call to Darrell….I’ll get there. I got wrapped up in bawls!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. Celine Dion ?? Puh-leeze!!
    This woman is so fake and loves herself more than her fans do -UGH!!
    Thank goodness she had the sense to say she shouldn’t give Bette any advice.
    Since I learned Bette would be taking the Vegas stage, I have said, “Once Bette takes the stage, Veags will forget who Celine Dion WAS!””
    Happy new year to you all,

  5. Dion is a great singer. But she’s right, what advice can she offer to The Divine One? After all she’s DIVINE!

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