Video: Top 10 Celebrity Picks in Central Park: Travel Therapy With Karen Schaler

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Celebrities Pick Top 10 Favorite Places in Central Park, NY (VIDEO)

What do Tina Fey, Glenn Close, Alex Rodriguez, Al Roker, Kelly Ripa and Bette Midler all have in common? Central Park in New York City is one of their favorite places to relax and chill out. So where exactly do these celebs go in the Park?

For my new weekly TRAVEL THERAPY TV & video series, featuring top places to go around the world based on what you’re going through in life, I talked to celebrity and lifestyle expert Jeryl Brunner, author of the new hit book My City, My New York featuring hundreds of celebrities and their favorite places in the Big Apple.

To get the inside scoop Jeryl took me on a tour in Central Park showing me all the celebrity favorites and I discovered some really new cool places I didn’t know existed! Love that! Check it out!

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