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Bette Midler - Characters
<strong><em>Bette Midler Characters<em><strong>

Podcast: The Divine Miss M By Miss Information

Miss Information Podcast; The Bette Midler Episode

Toni Basil Sees Good Friend Bette Midler Get Her Kennedy Center Honor

photo courtesy toni basil, and the kennedy center awards
<em><strong>photo courtesy toni basil and the kennedy center awards<strong><em>

Mister D: I am always in amazement of Ms. Basil. I have nothing but respect for her. I’ve seen her in real life over the years, and while I was very extroverted around Bette Midler, Jill, the bands, etc, every time I had the chance to talk to Ms. Basil, I just clammed up and was quiet. And that truly is my natural state. I’m not sure, but she seemed the same way. She really didn’t participate in the group talking, but she observed. Now, that is just my take on her and I could be totally wrong, but I always found a warmth just being near her. What I was not expecting was how beautiful she was. Anything she wore, her beauty just shown through, And, of course, she had a lot of poise and grace, which is understandable since she was a dancer. Anybody I know that has been a dancer has this natural grace. My regret is that I didn’t get to know her because you just know she has an interesting life. I really would like to interview her. Bruce Vilanch even asked me why I didn’t interview him. I did with some people, but with people like Toni and Bruce, and even the Harlettes I grew up with like Charlo and Ula, I just got intimidated, but I’m not sure why. I know I don’t want to ask them the same old, same old questions. I’ll think about that again and see what they say,

Anyway, here is what Ms. Basil had to say about Bette and the Kennedy Center Honors:

The Full Cher Show with Bette Midler, Elton John, and Flip Wilson

The 1975 Cher Special With Bette Midler, Elton John, and Flip Wilson – Feb 12, 1975

Bette Midler Receiving Her Medallion And Giving Speech

Audio – River written by Joni Mitchell – Bette Midler Demo

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