Updated – Speaking Of Fossils: Blackwell’s Back With Worst Dressed List 2007

Mister D: I’m just posting this in honor of Bette who made Blackwell’s list in 1982 (#4…”Second Hand-Rose after a hurricane!”), 1978 (#10…”She didn’t go to a rummage sale, she wore it!”), 1975 (#4…’Betsy Bloomer’ – didn’t pantaloons go out with the hoopskirt?”) , 1973 (#1… Bette Midler (“Potluck in a laundromat!”) . Eventually she slid over to the Best-Dressed list. However, she wore his dishonor with style and chutzpah laughing all the way to the bank. Anyway, here’s his 48th list…how much does he make for this annual threadbare occupation. Gosh I am on fire today!

Photo: The Design Industries Foundation AIDS Benefit – October 5, 1988 (Wire)

Here’s a complete list of the top 10 Worst Dressed Women of 2007:

1. Victoria Beckham – “In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty Posh can really wreck-em.” (I don’t get it)

2. Amy Winehouse – “Exploding beehives above…tacky polka dots below…she’s part ’50s carhop horror.” (kinda funny)

3. Mary-Kate Olsen – “A tattered toothpick trapped in a hurricane!” (okay, I laughed at this one)

4. Fergie – “couture chaos”

5. Kelly Clarkson – “belly-baring bombs”

6. Eva Green – “Stuck in neon nightmares”

7. Avril Lavigne – “dressed by The House Of Dracula” (oh, I’m peeing my pants with that remark….not funny)

8. Jessica Simpson – “She’s a global fashion curse”

9. Lindsay Lohan – “Fashion frenzy strikes again”

10. Alison Arngrim – “Looks like a 1940’s fashion editor for the Farmers Almanac”

Wow…these little witticisms just weren’t funny and he has a whole year to really think these up. Okay, okay…I know he’s as old as the scrolls, so bravo Mr. Blackwell. And it was very kind of you to take Britney off the list due to her recent problems.

Don’t you love how the media asks the public to be nice to Britney now after they were the ones leading the parade to her downfall. Build ’em up, knock’em down, build ’em up, knock ’em down…..

Love, Mister D

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