UpDates: 02-08-08

Mister D Exclusive: I’m sorry to report that Ms. Bette Midler will not be going to the Grammys this year due to preparations and rehearsals for her Vegas show…please don’t shoot the messenger….

Music In BLB Player…more to come: Click Here I know I will shoot myself for this, but name a few things you’d like to here. Nothing real obscure and I’ll see what I can do….first 10 commentors get first dibs if I have the songs. They can be recorded songs, too. Just stuff you’d like on a player for a few weeks….

Music Coming to Bette’s Ipod Faves:Click Here

“From A Distance” Pop-Up Video: Click Here

Sorry for all the little random widgets on some of the side pages…will try to fix soon….

Love, Mister D

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24 thoughts on “UpDates: 02-08-08

  1. That’s a bummer about the Grammy’s (it would have been great exposure for the show) but I understand.

    Mister D, can you put UP UP UP on the player?? I love that song ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dear Don,

    If you can, I’d love to listen to “Ten Cents A Dance” and “Great Balls Of Fire”, from the Mike Douglas Show, 1971. Could it be?, I’m so curious about that!!. Love,


  3. Okay…you got me there Eze…:-( For that you may need to contact, Dr. Darrell! I don’t have them.

    Love, Mister D

  4. I suposse so, cause he has got a video of it, if I’m not wrong, but I think you are good friends, maybe you could ask him. Thanks for everything Don, I apreciatte so much everything you do…….



  5. I’ll ask him…and yes, we’re like best friends….but I’ll bet I get a big fat NO! LOL And thank you Eze…I appreciate you as well…

    Love, Don

  6. Here is a thought…why can’t “they” broadcast Bette from Vegas via satellite?? It’s been done before.
    If Bette can’t make it to the Grammys, well then, bring the damn show to her!

  7. Martha!!!! Or anything else she ever sang written by Tom Waits…one of the best things she could do for me was to “introduce” me to his music when I was 13…:-P Love you (and loved the article about Citalopram! Thanks, dear)

  8. Hey Cris: Glad you liked the article…hoped it helped. Martha’s in there….my fave! Hoping to write you this weekend…..

    Love, Don

  9. They usually will do that if someone is going to perform, but she was just going to be a presenter. My general impression is that she just didn’t want to do it…just a gut feeling. What energy she has she wants to put towards the show….

  10. Have you gotten 10 requests yet?? If not, can I request “Strike It While It’s Hot”??? Another awesome, underrated Bette duet. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Do I??? What kind of asshole question is that?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    How about:

    “My Eye On You” the Art or Bust version
    “Bang, You’re Dead” from Live at Last
    “Whose Side Are You On” from The Rose
    “Let Me Just Follow Behind” from Songs…

    Love ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Well, I know that I asked yesterday but…..I love the live version of “In these shoes” that Bette performed on Letterman. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!.

    Love, Eze. (-:

  13. No they haven’t…oh yes, all my ex-boyfriends, but I wasn’t fast…if you get my drifteroo ๐Ÿ™‚

    Stephen: The rest of yours are coming…I had not converted those except Eye On You….and it’s up. Others should be up within a half and hout…..and then I’m off this death scan…..

    Thank you both for using the comments section…

    Love, Mister D

  14. Thank you so much for posting the songs! I’ve already listened to all of them while getting ready. One thing tho, and actually it sounds really funny, but your version of MY EYE ON YOU from ART OR BUST is in Chipmunk style. Did you know that??? hahaha

    I like how fast the song is tho. Would love to see Bette perform this one at this speed (in her real voice tho lol).

    Have a great Saturday.

  15. Sorry….sometimes the program does that and I can’t figure it out….I’ll see what I can do…

    Love, Mister D

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